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The Health of Cranes: Avian Medicine in Conservation

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Dr. Barry Hartup
Director of Conservation Medicine @International Crane Foundation
Dr. Barry Hartup is the Director of Conservation Medicine for the International Crane Foundation. Though Barry has been a staff member for 20 years, he was also an aviculture intern during the summer of 1986 before becoming a veterinarian. Dr. Hartup is the chair of the Whooping Crane Health Advisory Team, a board member with the North American Crane Working Group and a member of the IUCN Crane and Wildlife Health Specialist Groups. Working at the International Crane Foundation has helped to fulfill his professional interests in veterinary medicine, animal population health and epidemiology, and conservation of endangered species. Dr. Hartup has also worked to develop our connection with the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine under a memorandum of understanding that provides full-time veterinary services to the International Crane Foundations headquarters and global programs.